Saturday, April 11, 2009


While the unsuspecting dancefloors of Europe are already stormed by Santiago Salazar's new monster of a track (which also destroyed the floor at Soul Stereo, thanks to all the people who came down by the way!) i am having an unusually hard time finding new music i truly enjoy.

So please people, any of you 79 kind souls that download and possibly enjoy music from this blog, make a recommendation. Any new music that you've enjoyed the last few days. Will be greatly appreciated.


moikai said...

make sure to check one of the best electronic releases this year by .Snd and their album Atavism

tasaramp said...

First of all, many congratulations on your Masters of the Universe album!! Exceptional.
Some suggestions, not so new stuff though:
1. Pigbag: Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag (just to realize what kind of music we could listen in the 80s...)
2. Moon Wiring Club - their last CD rocks!!!
3. Sad Lovers and Giants - Feeding The Flame (album of 1983... perfect)