Saturday, April 11, 2009


Just came back from a gig organised by a corporate soft drink brand, possibly the best i've done so far. It was actually a competition for new bands (no, i was not competing, just invited to play) and the stage production was flawless.

During the coach trip to the city of Larisa, we watched "Idi I Smotri" on Mickey Dreamkey's laptop. He's been raving about it for weeks, and i was really curious. A nice pop-corn film would be just fine for the trip, but no, Mickey wouldn't have that.

IMDB commentary says:

"The SS "action" in the Belarussian village is one of the most disturbing depictions of the second world war ever directed outside of the real footage of these things. The SS troops are on a anti-partisan operation and enter the Belarussian village. The next 10-15 minutes remained in my memory for many years after. Though the suffering of the occupied peoples under Nazi's was often used for pro-Soviet propaganda in art and film, even if it was the case in this film, the sheer horror of these scenes transcends the political."

Such a mindfuck. And a real masterpiece for modern cinema.

But such an evil mindfuck.


Sink The Pink said...

greetings from belarus!
yes, mighty film, here some memories from movie partisipant(sorry for mechanical translation):

Moms girlfriend was a Klimau the costume designer for this film. I remember brought us to read the script before the actual shooting began. So it was telling that after a long trial on the primary role had two children. The first was a terribly talented boy very well play the role. The second was simpler. Have to remove the first and the second was kept in store. Klimov is a big emphasis is on realism. Tried that all actors and the crowd felt the situation as best possible, get in the skin of their characters. To this end, he recruited old, who survived the war in extras, bring them to shoot up to fit, creating for them the illusion of a full return to the forties. Also used instead of a movie "cranberry" real blood. With all these movies around the guy, to play a major role, moved the mind. Did not make mental, nervous breakdown and all the cases. We had to urgently take the second with the actual movie, and went to the screen. There was a mind stronger, as can be seen.

moikai said...

and a really fuckin depressing masterpiece