Wednesday, April 1, 2009


artwork: Mickey Dreamkey

We're off to Thessaloniki for the weekend to see James Holden play. Even on a bad night, he still plays 100% the music i want to hear in a club, sounds that actually mean something. So definitely worth it.

Some albums i'll be taking with for the 5 hour train ride up north:

Conrad Schnitzler - Silver
Larry Heard - Alien
Prefuse 73 - Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian
Mr. Chop - Lightworlds
Luke Vibert - Rhythm
Henrik Schartz, Ame, Dixon - The Grandfather Paradox
Arthur Russell - The Sleeping Bag Sessions

and here is a pack with 3 old tunes that never seem to leave my 'misc tracks' folder:

Plone - Plock / LFO - Blown / Bochum Welt - Fortune Green


dim mid said...

The Grandfather Paradox is just a masterpiece...thank you so much 4 sharing this release with me

minus_one said...

Σε Bad night δεν θα ήθελες να τον ακούσεις φαντάζομαι...θα τα πούμε εκεί λοιπόν!