Sunday, May 10, 2009


A few days ago, FH got Druffaloed.

But what is a "Druffalo", you may ask. Well, I had the same question myself. Here is what i got:

“Druffalo is some kind of weird webzine experiment that started out on Myspace, until we got terribly bored of Myspace. The idea was to just subversively oppose a lot of trends going on, and indulge in obsessions nurtured by years and years of cultural activism. It is maintained by a loose anonymous top old boys collective consisting of several well known German DJs, producers and writers.

Due to popular demand we eventually installed a sound system called "The Druffalo Hit Squad" and started the Druffmix series of mixes, and we did some club gigs, too. The idea of the Druffalo Hit Squad, or D.H.S., is to just play whatever the want. We put some parties into real chaos in the meantime.”

This explanation was satisfactory enough, but i decided to dig a little deeper with the old Q and A game:

What could a “Druffalo” be?

A magazine for the elderly enthusiast. A buffalo on drugs. A raving platform sneaker aficionado. Our favourite horse at Hoppegarten. The definite guide, for everything.

What can it do?

Induce instant xtc-gayness and incredibly good taste.

How chaotic can one of your events get?

Grown up men weep, young sexy girls laugh at them. Then weep, too. Everybody is the greatest dancer. The last tunes of the night last for several hours. Strong songs and ballads at peak time. Hip house bonus beats. The exact opposite on what was said on the flyer. Very bad MC skills. Unidentifiable stains. No booze left two hours into the night. No drink tickets left for the DJs 10 minutes into the night.

Healthiest junk food ever?

Toast. Marzibombs. Underberg. Mampe. Escalopes. North Sea Shrimps. That soup at Tu Long.

Favourite arcade game ?

Galaga. Hyperolympics. Ice Climber.The Addams Family Pinball.

Your first thought/action if Cpt. Beefheart was drinking next to you in a bar? (optionally, you can replace the Cpt with Bill Drummond.)

Put on a trout mask and get fast and bulbous. Then probably slag off Ry Cooder. For Bill, impress him with setting the rest of our small change coins on fire. With his book. Then leave at exactly 3 A.M.

Are drugs bad?

Nes. Yo. Confusing!

If the catastrophic course man started at the second half of the 20th century continues, how much time would you give to planet Earth and its inhabitants? (in years)

The angels from above will fall down and spread their wings like doves. Then we’ll walk hand in hand, and make it to the promised land.

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