Sunday, June 14, 2009

In Synch

Best moment from last night: chatting to Marcus about the greatness of the first Killing Joke album.

Worst moment from last night: bouncers not letting my girlfriend back inside - she was wearing her bracelet but had thrown away the ticket clipping. The whole of Friday night, the bracelet would do just fine, and on Saturday night they decide to start asking about clippings as well, without telling people not to throw them away in the first place.

Of course it wasn't really the bouncers' fault - it was basically the incompetency of the gentleman "in charge" at the door - who wouldn't say a thing even when she was in tears from frustration. He wouldn't answer to my direct questions either. He seemed flooded with similar complaints, while he wasn't able not only to propose some kind of solution, but even to have a normal, civilised discussion. He was just letting the bouncers do all the talking.


And the idiocy of the "you-have-a-bracelet-but-not-a-clipping-so-you-can't-get-in" thing, how hard is finding a bracelet AND a clipping to pass to someone?

May i suggest stamping for next year? It's more crude than bracelets, sure - but at least chaotic situations like the above could be avoided.

Again, to the guy "in charge" at the door: if you are unable to do the job, don't take it in the first place.


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tespa, kalh fash pou se ksanaeida klay8mwnos :)