Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ambient Music

"The main purpose of the WSP’s work was to document acoustic environments, both functional and dysfunctional, and to increase public awareness of the importance of the soundscape, particularly through individual listening sensitivity. In current terminology, the goal is to put "acoustic ecology" on the environmental agenda. However, given the importance of local action, one of the WSP’s first major publications was The Vancouver Soundscape, a booklet plus two records which appeared in 1973.

Twenty years later, we have re-issued most of the recordings on a double CD, where the second CD consists of documentary recordings and soundscape compositions derived from digital recordings made in Vancouver in the 1990s. Not only was the Vancouver project probably the first systematic study of the soundscape of a city, but the 20-year span with the follow-up project gave a unique aural portrait of the rapid evolution of the city and its soundscape. Such longitudinal work is rare in acoustics and noise studies, and should be encouraged in soundscape documentation, since both personal and cultural memory lacks the ability to track such aural changes in the environment."

More about the concept of acoustic ecology here.

a beautiful ambient composition:

The Music Of Horns And Whistles

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Caitlyn / CPI said...

I owned this record and book, and have the original double LP set digitized if you want it.
Not sure if there are parts that aren't included on your reissue.