Sunday, November 8, 2009

Black Meteoric Star

Below are two videos from the Black Meteoric Star performance @ Bios, Athens. The event was a wonderfully psychedelic experience, aided from the Assume Vivid Astro Focus installation and glasses, that gave you something very close to "acid-vision". The prismatic effects that you see on video is a only a small part of the overall visual sensation (we shot the first vid through the glasses), which along with the smoke machine and surrounding lighting effects made the night really chaotic.

Raw, analog and totally live, Gavin's set was fantastic, reducing our neuron synapses to pulp - which was the main reason for going out to listen in the first place. Truly memorable.

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Researcher said...

thnks gia to sxolio!
simfwnw gia ton mingus...
megalos mastoras kai vromilos!
enas episis foveros kontra / mpasistas pou psaxnw teleftaia einai o Francois Rabbath! vevaia ante vres tora vinylia tou Rabbath.. diskola!

sas exw valei kai link sto blog mou, elpizw na ta leme!