Friday, January 29, 2010

Condensed Wisdom

This is a very rare ambient library LP that Brian Eno recorded for the Standard label in 1989, probably never commercialy available. Also, today i watched a fresh BBC 4 documentary about the man called 'Another Green World', it really made my afternoon. As i first went to their site to watch, their video player informed me that it was not available in my country.

And i just thought "what are these people on about?"

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Nightlight said...

Καλό και σπάνιο, θενξ.

Δεν ξερω αν εχεις υπ'όψη σου το
'77 Million Paintings', info εδώ:,7f6c8bfc5916065703ea/Brian-Eno-77-Million-Paintings-Interview.html

Το βρήκα εδώ: