Monday, February 1, 2010

Gonja Sufi

Quoting from alainfinkielkrautrock:

"If you follow this blog carefully, you may have catched a gonjasufi song called "holidays" i've posted last year... a true obsessive track i've been listening to 167890 times since (i even recorded the track on tape to listen to it on my "autoradio" this summer)... mr suffi has now signed on warp records and i had the chance to listen to his forthcoming LP called "a a sufi and a killer" (out march 8th) and it's already one of my top albums of 2010. the best record warp has released for years. a small masterpiece. i mean the kind of record you like entirely, not only 4 good songs on a average album. gonjasufi's music is raw, lo fi, ghetto, tender, spaced out, folk, trippy and above all, soulful as hell. you've been warned, this guy lives in a crap caravan outside las vegas but he's a winner for us."

Gonja Sufi - Ancestors (Prod. By Flying Lotus)


minus_one said...

kicks ass._

Anonymous said...

terastio track


μελ said...

θα κλάψουνε μανούλες

the muppet show girls said...

Μετράω και τις ώρες.
Να προσγειωθεί ο "λωτός" στο Bios!