Friday, April 30, 2010


I got the trigger cocked back
watch those devils drop back
they don't know where god's at
i'll show them if they talk back
they got capped
watched they wigs get rocked back

oh mighty lord in Heaven.

do they know where they're heading?
look they skin is sheddin'
they heading for another deadend

they keep running away
put them in the graves
no one's coming today to
see if they're saved
though you running to play
none of you will pray...
till it's the coming of days,
when you can't run away...

to the east, my brother, to the the east

he saves, she saved
everybody think that they saved.
he safe. she safe.
nobody is saved.
he think that he's saved.
she think that she saved. we think that we safe
nobody here's saved.
why you keep running?
i keep running. why you running?

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