Friday, July 9, 2010


My second international FH gig for the summer, and i couldn't be more excited about anything else right now: Nachtdigital is a small festival in a perfect rural location outside Dresden, with 3000 tickets selling out months before, almost instantly.

The lineups are usually flawless, and the edition of ND13 features a showcase of the mighty and much-loved Border Community (Nathan Fake, Luke Abbott, Wesley Matsell and James Holden) along with artists such as Ada, Chateau Flight, Floating Points, Lusine, Margaret Dygas, Mathias Kaden, Redshape and Drums, Scuba, Steffen Benneman, Supermayer and Theo Parrish.

You can check the complete lineup here and a cool flickr here.

Quoting RA, which placed it #3 festival-to-be in August:

'The recurring word you'll hear in reference to Nachtdigital, a relatively bite-sized offering on the summer festival circuit, is "intimate." Not just because of its diminutive scale (two stages), or limited capacity (just 3,000 punters) but also for its handcrafted quirkiness, like its famously ramshackle "Hollywood" sign that graces the shore of the Bungalowdorf Olganitz lake each year. Altogether it's a cosy and inclusive experience, but the warm fuzzies are kept separate from the programming, which has consistently favoured the bigger names of underground techno, house and electronica.

For lucky number 13, Nachtdigital will call on the talents of Kompakt duo Supermayer, Berliners Margaret Dygas and Scuba, talented newcomers Floating Points and live ensemble Feindrehstar, plus longtime festival favourites like Theo Parrish. This year's second stage will also feature Border Community's merry band of eclecticists, and local Dresden talent like Philpot's Break SL, all nestled in the wholesome surrounds of a wooded family holiday camp.'


Unknown said...

oh man, you were best surprise on the festival for me. so nice liveset. loved that Sun remix, would be great to hear it again :)

Fantastikoi Hxoi said...

thanks, glad you liked it :-)

keep watching this space, new stuff coming soon

Fantastikoi Hxoi said...

or just drop me an email :P