Monday, September 27, 2010


A few things that got me excited lately: Burial's Be True remix (finally out after two years), Caribou Vibration Ensemble feat. Marshall Allen (epic beyond imagination), the band known as KXP along with Arp's new album and almost anything on Smalltown Supersound (these people can do no wrong), Gavin And Delia's new track, Darkstar's new track, the CV313 remixes, a random Convextion set that Silo gave me (on repeat), Vaghe Stelle on Margot Records and last but not least, doing the warm up set for Tigersushi's Krikor at Yoga Bala, which reminds me i have to stop slacking and come up with a proper dj mix for the blog instead of compiling tapes i can't really share. Coming up soon (i hope).

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RR said...

Burial and Caribou two of the music projects I've been listening... I'll check your recommendation. Cool!


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