Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Body

artwork: Rui Martins

This Fluid - The Body


Favorite track from an all time favorite record. I was meaning to make a greek electronica mixtape but this is the best i can do right now. I've always liked This Fluid and could never stand how their "Flud" record always surfaced at the bargain bins for 5 euros or something. One day i'm going to buy each and every one of these copies and mail it to friends abroad, i swear.

This Fluid - Eon

Being Boiled

Two excellent early singles, courtesy of Wiel's Time Capsule.


My tapeworm cassettes arrived last week, and i can't say i've listened to much else - apart from the new Autechre album (which i liked).

E-Man is the youth project of Geir Jenssen, otherwise known as Biosphere, and it's a very addictive minimal synth/pop album recorded in 1984, full of hooky melodies and good songwriting in general. Very repeat-able.

Stefan Goldmann's new cassette-only album fully utilises the given format in a conceptual cycle of 5 pieces in 2 versions, positioned in a way that allows you to enter the "loop" by pressing the auto-reverse function of your tape deck. So from our close"2005" on side A, you can reach the near-impossible imagining of "7513"on side B. Cool, huh. And what's cooler is that it's still on sale, not for much longer i suspect. Tapeworm limits most print runs at 250 copies.

E-Man - The Difference

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mandarinen Traume

Permanent Vacation continues the cosmic exploration with this compilation subtitled "Electronic Escapes From The Deutsche Demokratische Republik 1981-1989", worth buying for the Reinhard Lakomy soulfuck alone. Vinyl has one extra track, CD has 6 tracks omitted from the vinyl release. Go figure.

A well-written review here.

You can order it here.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Freaks Come Out

New work by freakmaster George Tourlas.

Head over his myspace for more.

Analog Africa

I totally forgot to post this earlier - better late than never. This record, the African Scream Contest double LP from Honest Jon's, has been my playlist for almost two months now - until the Gonja Sufi bootleg compilations arrived. Well, funk is not really my thing, unless it's raw, fucked up and primal (or unless it says Shuggie Otis on the cover) but this release totally blew me away.

These people obviously play without thinking - resulting to the most raw, psychedelic and hooky tunes out of Africa. Listened to many afro-funk compilations, bought just this one on two lovely plates with extensive linear notes.

Presented by the great Analog Africa.


Ηλεκτρικός Αποσπερίτης

Είναι κάτι καράβια στο λιμάνι
με φαγωμένα τα στολίδια
χρώματα που 'λιωσε η αρμύρα
και κολλημένα στρείδια

Είναι κάτι καράβια στο λιμάνι
που'ναι σα γέροι δίχως σκέψη
που'ναι σα να παραμιλάνε
απο το βράδυ ως τη φέξη

Μες την ομίχλη μέσα στο χαλάζι
για θησαυρούς χαμένους λένε
βασιλοπούλες με βελούδα
που το ληστή αγαπάνε

και για την Ιρλανδία η τη Σκωτία
τις μαύρες θάλασσες του Νότου
και για το δάκρυ τους μιλάνε
του ταξιδιού του πρώτου

Eίναι Kάτι Kαράβια Στο Λιμάνι

απο το LP "Ηλεκτρικός Αποσπερίτης", 1972

Turkish Delight

The vintage rock music of our neighboring Turkey is becoming increasingly popular with people like the Gaslamp Killer, Finders Keepers and Stones Throw constantly pushing the sound in any way they can (check the various Gaslamp Killer productions for Gonja Sufi).

Our own music polymath and master digger Phontas Trousas unearths some gems in this all-Turkey radio show, playing tracks from Mavi Işıklar, Silüetler, Selçuk Alagöz, Moğollar and Barış Manço among others. It's a live streaming rip, so expect some artifacts as well as radio adverts and the news read, most of which i left intact for my own reasons.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


"The first thing in my life i saw was when i was inside of my was very....there was no life there...and somebody pulled me in this direction, and through this opening and outside from my mother. At this time, i had my voice...but there was a very, very unpleasant influence on my voice from the light. This was my beginning."

From the heartbraking 'Leon Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey' 1994 documentary, found on the excellent Dualtrack blog.

Silent Disco

artwork: Yannis Kalaitzis

Last weekend i also played some records at the Silent Disco event @ Bios, which was a pretty cool experience overall. Some sixteen DJs took half-hour turns over the night, with 2 jockeys playing simultaneously - allowing the crowd to switch their wireless headphones over to their preferred style of music.

Luckily i was in the company of Mr Z from Naked Sides, who was spinning some obscure greek sixties tunes and i couldn't resist switching my headphones over - after all, i've listened to my own dance tunes about a thousand times. Also fun was checking the crowd nodding their heads and trying to figure out who's listening to who. Looking forward to the next one, a perfect opportunity for people to actually listen to some music, danceable or otherwise...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mashing Down Skull Bar

artwork: Mickey Dreamkey

The cryptic flyer doesn't reveal much about the "what", it does however inform about the "when" and "where". Lazos Theo will spin some proper-fucking-techno, from labels like Downwards, Counter Balance, Basic Channel, Sandwell District, Geophone, Labrynth, Skull Disco - you know, hard-hitting electronic dance music with soul. No bland tech-house or nu-disco for us, thanks very much. As to what the warm-up may sound like, you can always check here (and also here).

Have i mentioned that the Skull Bar basement is ideal for this type of music? Well, come down and check for yourselves.


Ok, i know this is old news, but never boring.

Stolen from Larry's blog.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bleak House

This is on repeat. Found it on Vinylmine.


Some wise words from Terre Thaemlitz:

(...)"But today we aren't really able to talk freely about these samples, which for me are like footnotes, ways of connecting and constructing a deep and rich history around the music that we're making. The legalities of the system totally prohibit this kind of discourse. It's all reduced to profit-making. It's as though the only possible reason that you could want to sample someone else's music is to ride the coattails of someone else's success. This is, in terms of media and in terms of discourse, totally handicapping us. I think this is also why you have people falling back into this idea of wanting to trip out and thinking about space and stuff like this. Because the entire infrastructure of music is against our thinking of it as anything else. It's either money or some universal thing floating in the ether. There is never a point where it becomes discourse. That's a problem."

Monday, February 1, 2010

Gonja Sufi

Quoting from alainfinkielkrautrock:

"If you follow this blog carefully, you may have catched a gonjasufi song called "holidays" i've posted last year... a true obsessive track i've been listening to 167890 times since (i even recorded the track on tape to listen to it on my "autoradio" this summer)... mr suffi has now signed on warp records and i had the chance to listen to his forthcoming LP called "a a sufi and a killer" (out march 8th) and it's already one of my top albums of 2010. the best record warp has released for years. a small masterpiece. i mean the kind of record you like entirely, not only 4 good songs on a average album. gonjasufi's music is raw, lo fi, ghetto, tender, spaced out, folk, trippy and above all, soulful as hell. you've been warned, this guy lives in a crap caravan outside las vegas but he's a winner for us."

Gonja Sufi - Ancestors (Prod. By Flying Lotus)