Monday, August 22, 2011

The TEAC Life

New Legowelt jams. Free.

*edit - priceless promo, too:

"Ok people here it is the new Legowelt album which is free to download for u all

Its got a hella lot deep tape saturated forest-techno tracks on it and when I say Techno i dont mean that boooooooooooring contemporary shit they call techno nowadays with overrated tallentless pretentious douchebag cunt DJs playing a few halfassed dumb mongo beats and being all arty fartsy about it.

F*ck that, I am talking about: Raw as fuck autistic Star Trek 1987- Misty Forests- X-FILES,- DETROIT unicorn futurism made on cheap ass digital & analog crap synthesizers recorded in a ragtag bedroom studio on a TEAC VHX cassettedeck in DOLBY C with an unintelligible yet soulfull vivacity.

if you like it you can donate some $ or Euros, any donation small or large is appreciated u can paypal so I can buy more crap synthesizers to make stuff like this and repair my Roland Juno 106 which stopped working during the recording of this album...probably cause this shit is tooo deep and it just couldn't handle it....
doesnt matter, the bottom line question is CAN U HANDLE IT???"

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spee said...

Legowelt built my hotrod.