Thursday, April 16, 2009

In A Beautiful Place

"Once you take it to an isolated, outdoor location, away from organisation, there's a sense of freedom that kicks in. it's sexier and less inhibited than an indoor event. You can have 50 or 100 people hanging out around fires, some rare music echoing around...The sound of two melodies clashing over one another, or maybe a melody to your left but a voice talking to your right, off through the trees, Doppler-shifting and filtering because of the wind or the random shapes around you. It creates a giddy, surreal sound that doesn't normally exist on records..."

BoC as quoted in The Wire, Oct 2005

Boards Of Canada - From One Source All Things Depend

(Geoghaddi bonus track for Japan)

Boards Of Canada - Macquarie Ridge
(The Campfire Headphase bonus track for Japan)

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