Thursday, January 21, 2010


I just found out that one of my favorite local music writers has started blogging.

Well, the truth is that technically he qualifies as a music 'journalist' but i won't use the term because every time i think of half-academic, i-write-for-a-living music journalists and the monstrosities they're capable of, i get a huge pimple on my face. So, 'writer' is just fine, i think.

Anyway, back to subject: i grew up reading Jazz & Τζαζ magazine, which was my first introduction to the art of classic masters such as Eric Dolphy, Charles Mingus, Sun Ra, Thelonius Monk and countless others, while at the same time it was really up-to-date with much of the modern music as well as the local scene. But most importantly, these people seemed to know very well what they were talking about, fueled by a higher love for music and an obvious wealth of knowledge - miles away from the vulgar, half-witted professional music criticism that is commonplace nowadays.

There was something different about it: while the rest of the greek music press was busy covering the same old stale bands that i was sick of listening at the time, the crate-digging pathos of the Jazz & Τζαζ fellowship was making me wonder: is it possible that these people own each and every piece of global music ever put on vinyl?

Unfortunately the blog is written in greek, but you can always just look at some cool cover art and google some of the bands that are bolded in red, or even have some fun with the translator and the linguistic absurdity that it produces.

In any case, you can check it here, with a nice post about the Tzadik label:


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