Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mashing Down Skull Bar

artwork: Mickey Dreamkey

The cryptic flyer doesn't reveal much about the "what", it does however inform about the "when" and "where". Lazos Theo will spin some proper-fucking-techno, from labels like Downwards, Counter Balance, Basic Channel, Sandwell District, Geophone, Labrynth, Skull Disco - you know, hard-hitting electronic dance music with soul. No bland tech-house or nu-disco for us, thanks very much. As to what the warm-up may sound like, you can always check here (and also here).

Have i mentioned that the Skull Bar basement is ideal for this type of music? Well, come down and check for yourselves.

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Osonnenstrahlo said...

σπουδαία αφίσα. που μπορώ να κλέψω κάποια;