Sunday, February 28, 2010


My tapeworm cassettes arrived last week, and i can't say i've listened to much else - apart from the new Autechre album (which i liked).

E-Man is the youth project of Geir Jenssen, otherwise known as Biosphere, and it's a very addictive minimal synth/pop album recorded in 1984, full of hooky melodies and good songwriting in general. Very repeat-able.

Stefan Goldmann's new cassette-only album fully utilises the given format in a conceptual cycle of 5 pieces in 2 versions, positioned in a way that allows you to enter the "loop" by pressing the auto-reverse function of your tape deck. So from our close"2005" on side A, you can reach the near-impossible imagining of "7513"on side B. Cool, huh. And what's cooler is that it's still on sale, not for much longer i suspect. Tapeworm limits most print runs at 250 copies.

E-Man - The Difference

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