Thursday, May 6, 2010


Probably the most radical underground group ever to invade the mainstream, the KLF have always been provoking the sheep-like masses inside or outside the record industry. Their story is a fascinating read and i will not go into much detail in this post, there are plenty of resources if you'd like to delve deeper into their world.

What i personally consider their thought provoking magnum opus is the infamous "The K Foundation Burn A Million Quid" incident: after numerous hit singles, a Brit award and international success, they delete their back catalogue, terminate the group, establish the K Foundation and burn one million english pounds in a boring ceremony, while videotaping the event in order to tour the UK later and exhibit the act in Q&A sessions with the public.

As documented in the book, most people were furious: the money could be given to charity, the money should not be burnt, their act was judged as 'immoral'. For me, it takes a lot of courage to do what they did - if charity is an aspirin, burning money is a near-fatal hit at the issue's core. Cauty and Drummond defied their slavery and even give me a bit of hope for the future of mankind. One of the most courageous acts commited by modern man.

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RR said...

I totally agree... you can hate them or you can love them. But what they did won't be forgotten!!.

strgzr said...

syngrotima pou exei gia tragoudisti
ton Glen Hughes sto kalytero single tou einai na mi to agapas?
..asxeto alla to kalytero ambient kommati ever einai to ''Madrugada Eterna''....

Anonymous said...

My first electronic music encounter...and still one of my favs