Sunday, December 4, 2011

Paranoise Mixtape #04

The music of Muslimgauze:

1. Fazisi (from Intifaxa)
2. Camel Turning The Well Wheel (from Year Zero)
3. Muezzin Farsi (from Vote Hezbollah)
4. Sharia Limb (from Gun Aramaic pt. 2)
5. Harem Of Dogs (from Maroon)
6. Sacrifice Pit (from Ingaza)
7. Narcotic (from Narcotic)
8. Zaman (from Lazhareem Ul Leper)
9. The Taliban (from Nadir Of Purdah)
10. A Small Intricate Box, Which Contains Old Blue Opium Marzipan (from Iranair Inflight Magazine)
11. Romanic Abuse (from Lo-Fi India Abuse)
12. Madrass Sitar Burner (from Madrass Sitar Burner)
13. Nommos' Descending (from At The City Of The Dead)
14. Thar (from Zealot)
15. Karakum Burqa (from Lazhareem Ul Leper)
16. Thar (reprise)


icastico said...

Cripes. What a great mix. MG is a big influence...

Thanks for sharing..

in return

Oozlum said...


we will be hosting your amazing album Inner Ear at SEED parties in Prague.
Great that you dig Muslimgauze too! I did a project to worship his dreams. You can check it here :

V ! (Oozlum)